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    FAQ for students:

    Q1. Is the registration mandatory?
    Ans: Yes! and Its FREE for all.

    Q2. How to get a tutor?
    Ans:Just search by category or , area and subject .You can see his/her details of profile and can contact to his/her.

    Q3. Why the tutor requirements is not listed as soon as I submit the requirement?
    Ans: Every requiremenrt is reviewed manually by our team and afer approval your requirement will publish.

    Q4. What would be the tuition fee rate?
    Ans: It must be decided between you and tutor.

    FAQ for students:

    Q1. Is the registration mandatory?
    Ans: Yes! and Its FREE

    Q2. Can I create two profiles
    Ans: No! there is only one profile for one person . Login email and mobile number can't be used twice in our database. Mobile number is the only way to get communication from students.

    Q3. How to get a tutor job?
    Ans: Just register in our site .When the students or guardian see your profile he/she  will contact you .

    Q4 .Is there any kind of charges for tutors?
    Ans: NO, we do not charge it' free .We only charge for advertiesment and if you want your profile is display in featured tutors .

    Q5. If I have 0 (zero) bidding credit what i have to do?
    Ans: If you have 0 bidding credit then you can no longer apply any job. You can buy extra credit anytime by clicking the "BUY CREDIT" link from your Tutor Area.

    Q6. What is Featured Teachers ?
    Ans:These are paid members. Featured Teachers are of seperate section in our site . .When searching profile of tutors there profile will display on top .